Key Success Stories:

Holiday Inn Express: First Designer and Creator of hotel uniforms

Together with our customer, Holiday Inn Express @ Bangkok, we designed and manufactured the business uniforms which enables their employees be identified and could also serve the basis for customers and visitors' first  - possibly everlasting - and impression of the hotel.



Amari Pattaya: Creating the business services for a long term designer

We're honored to design a chef coat for Amari Pattaya since many years ago. To define the professional chef wear with top styles, comfortable and qualify fabrics, and to add feature that make the chef coat looking professional and personalized.


 Hard Rock Café: Customize restaurant uniform as a long term designer and manufacturer

We work for Hard Rock Café - Bangkok, Pattaya, Yangon and Chiangmai, to design, add feature and customize the restaurant uniform for the practical and stylish uniforms for a lasting impression.  The business uniforms are in the wide range of chef coat, cook uniform, and restaurant uniform.